Lesson Rates

  • North 4 Green To Fairway
  • West Pavilion Water.putting Green
  • SA 9 Green Back To Fairway3
  • West 9 Green Back To Fairway.bunker
  • Outside High Tops

2022 Lesson Rates

If you are interested in taking Private Lessons, please fill out a Lesson Request and one our instructors will get back with you.
Small Group Lesson Rates:
All Instructors/Professionals:
One Hour 2 People: $50 per person
One Hour 3 People: $40 per person
One Hour 4-6 People: $30 per person
Private Lesson Rates:
 Director, Lead Instructor, Master ProfessionalPrice 
Curt NelsonJB Kim Garret Walker
60-minute lesson $120
45-minute lesson  $90
30-minute lesson $60
PGA and LPGA Class A Instructor
Gianna Augustine, Jennifer Walker, Tony Roberts, Liz Smart 
60-minute lesson $100 
45-minute lesson $75
30-minute lesson $50
 Assistant Golf Professional
 Josh White, Trey Maughan, Larissa Roberts, Rudy Juarez, Jared Way
 60-minute lesson $75
 45-minute lesson $55
 30-minute lesson