Rules & Regulations

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Dress Code

Proper golf attire must be worn at all times. Bathing attire, tank tops, tube tops, halter tops, mesh shirts, short shorts, muscle shirts and dress of similar nature is inappropriate.

Nonmetal spikes or smooth soled tennis shoes will be allowed. The Golf Professionals may at their discretion allow various other types of golf shoes.

Golf Course

Each player is expected to have reasonable knowledge of the game of golf before they purchase a green fee ticket for the regulation course. This reasonable knowledge may have been acquired through formal instructional programs; time spent practicing at a driving range or having played golf at a Par 3 or executive type course.

Each player is responsible to play the game of golf safely. Players should be knowledgeable about their own ability or lack of ability so as not to hit into other golfers on the golf course. Golfers are responsible to ensure that their intended or possible landing zone is free and clear of other golfers prior to hitting their shots.

All players must be able to present a green fee ticket when it is requested on the course. In order to receive a patron discount, the patron card must be presented with each transaction.

Practicing is prohibited on the golf course.

Each player will have their own bag with a set of clubs with the exception of the Par 3 Course where one set of clubs may be shared by two players.

Players not reporting 16 minutes before their tee time may lose that starting time and be placed in the next open time.

Groups not maintaining their position on the golf course may receive two warnings to regain their position. Groups failing to comply may be required by the golf professional to immediately move into the appropriate position. Groups that do not comply may be removed from the golf course.

Singles, twosomes, and threesomes may be required to join together into foursomes when it is deemed appropriate for managing play.

All alcoholic beverages must be purchased in the Licensed Clubhouse Snack Bar and are the only alcoholic beverages allowed on the City's golf course property. All other alcoholic beverages are prohibited. See Section VIII B for guidelines regarding the Highlands Room at the St. Andrews Golf Course. Beverage containers may be taken onto the golf course and are subject to inspection. All alcohol must be purchased through the clubhouse. Players may be asked to provide a receipt.

Players not conducting themselves in an orderly and a sportsmanlike manner or not in compliance with the golf course rules and regulations may be evicted from the premises by the Golf Professional, General Manager, or Golf Course Superintendent.

All play is governed by the local rules and regulations and the rules of the United States Golf Association, which are on file at the clubhouse.

The practice and lesson tees at Sykes/Lady Overland Park and St. Andrews Golf Courses will occasionally be closed for maintenance and at such time as weather dictates; the Golf Course Superintendent or General Manager will make that determination. Players must hit balls from between the tee markers at all times. No one may be permitted beyond the practice tee.

No one under the age of eight (8) is allowed onto the regulation golf courses.

No one under the age of five (5) is allowed on the Par 3 Course.

The practice area at Westlinks is available for use by non-golfing patron members, employees and volunteers, as well as any golfer who has paid a green fee to play the Westlinks course. However, no one is allowed to park a personal automotive vehicle at Westlinks in order to practice. Non-golfing individuals are required to report to the Sykes/Lady Pro Shop to determine if the practice area is available. If it is the non-golfing individual will be allowed to use a riding cart at no charge to access the Westlinks practice area. Occasionally the practice area will be closed for maintenance, group lessons, or other special events, and access may be further limited due to availability of riding carts.

Riding Carts and Pull Carts

Keep all carts 30 feet from all tees, greens, hazards, ditches and lakes, unless you are on the cart path.

Two riders per cart, NO EXCEPTIONS. Current cart rates provide up to two bags per cart. Cart fee purchase entitles the player to a seat in the cart, not an entire cart. Single riders will be asked to consolidate.

To operate a riding cart, the driver must have a valid driver's license and be 18 years or older.

Beverage containers may be taken onto the golf course and are subject to inspection. All alcohol must be purchased through the clubhouse. Players may be asked to provide a receipt.

Privately owned power riding carts are prohibited; ADA exceptions.

A customer renting a golf cart may be required to sign a Golf Cart Rental Agreement.

The Tee Manager shall notify each group of the golf cart restrictions. In the event of non-compliance the Player Assistant will issue one warning. If there is a second occurrence the Player Assistant will notify the Golf Professional. The Duty Professional, General Manager, or Golf Course Superintendents have the option to remove players not in compliance with these rules and regulations.