Northlinks Lottery

Each spring, the city has a lottery to determine a standing tee time reservation for a five-some on Saturday or Sunday mornings during the first hour(s) of business. Play goes from the North course turning to the West course. Because of the continual change of sunrise throughout the year, the designated tee time will not be hour and minute specific, but will instead be ‘”first tee time”, “second tee time”, etc. 


The lottery winner must commit to five players each week, March to October.

  • All Patron card holders or Overland Park residents are eligible to participate in the lottery.
  • Participants must have a current Patron Card or a current valid Driver’s License displaying an Overland Park address.  
  • Patrons who had a 2015 standing reservation do not need to participate in the 2016 drawing, but they must advise the golf pro's if they wish to retain that time and pay the deposit.

A refundable $180 deposit must accompany each application. The only time deductions will be made from the deposit is in the event of a No Show.

Pro Shop: (913) 897-3809 or email Head Professional, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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