Titleist Special!

Buy 3 dozen Titleist Pro V1 or V1x --- Get 1 dozen FREE!

March 16-April 16

All qualifying orders must be of the same ball type, imprint and ink color.
All 4 dozen golf balls MUST be imprinted.

$52 each (plus tax) for the 1st three dozen. (Patron card holders get 10% off.)

Easy Ordering: Simply email your personalization request as indicated below:

Personalization Options:
Option #1: Standard Numbers (1-4) or (5-8) with personalization
Option #2: Double Digit Numbers with personalization (00, 1-99) ($1/dozen upcharge)

We Need to Know:

  • Ball Type: V1 or V1X
  • Personalization: Maximum 3 lines of text with 17 characters per line.
  • Color of Imprint: Red, Black, Blue, Green or Pink
  • Play numbers: Regular #s (1-4), High #s (5-8), All the same # (00, 1-9,10-99)

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Call: (913) 897-3809

Please allow 5 weeks to receive orders.

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