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Corporate Leagues

Our Corporate Leagues accommodate teams of all sizes, from large teams with multiple tee times to a small group of four friends who want the same tee time each week. Tell your friends and co-workers and sign-up now!
  • 9-Hole Round
  • Tee times between 4:03-6:27 on North, South and West Courses
  • Choose Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday
  • Teams in increments of 4-5 players
  • Must be committed to 20-25 week sessions and responsible for reserved tee times.
  • League players simply show up during their tee times, check-in and pay, then enjoy a quick 9-hole round after work.
  • Stay for dinner - we feature weekly specials for corporate leagues!
  • Twilight Rates! 
Brochure/Request Form - fill out the request form and send to the Director of Golf at the club you would like to play this year:
  • 25 Weeks (Tee Times Between 4:03pm - 5:15pm) March 11-August 29
  • 22 Weeks (Tee Times Between 5:24pm - 5:51pm) April 1–August 29
  • 20 Weeks (Tee Times Between 6:00pm – 6:27pm) April 15–August 29
Sign-up now for these last available spots!
St. Andrews Golf Club
Monday: 4:03, 4:12
Tuesday: 4:03, 4:12, 4:48, 6:18, 6:27
Wednesday: 4:21
Thursday: 4:12, 4:21, 4:48, 4:57
Sykes/Lady Overland Park Golf Club
Monday: 4:30, 4:39
Tuesday: 4:03, 4:12, 4:48, 5:42, 5:51
Wednesday: 4:30
Thursday: FULL
St. Andrews Golf Club (913) 890-1650
Tony Roberts, PGA Director of Golf, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sykes/Lady Overland Park Golf Club (913) 890-1600
Michael Tanner, PGA Director of Golf, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Important News for Sykes/Lady OP Golf Club:
We are currently underway for the construction of the NEW clubhouse at Sykes/Lady Overland Park Golf Club, which will open spring of 2019 and will feature an indoor/outdoor restaurant and bar that promises to be the best public golf course experience in the area!
Nine Hole, Par-3 Corporate Leagues Also Available:
For groups with limited time, the Par 3 is a quicker round. Also ideal for groups with beginning golfers.
Sykes/Lady Overland Park Golf Club
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St. Andrews Golf Club
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