PXG Club Fittings

  • North 4 Green To Fairway
  • SA 9 Green Back To Fairway3
  • West 9 Green Back To Fairway.bunker
  • West Pavilion Water.putting Green
  • Outside High Tops

PXG Fitting flyer image

Are you ready to purchase your PXG Clubs? Schedule your Advanced Technology Fitting at Sykes/Lady Overland Park Golf Club. Once you sign up for the fitting, Jeremey Brewer with PXG will contact you to set the exact time and location for your fitting, and to answer any questions you have? There is a $50 fee for the fitting, which will be applied to your club purchase.

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 Full Bag (90 minutes)
Irons (60 minutes)
Woods (60 minutes)
Putter (30 minutes)

Learn more about PXG Clubs - one of the hottest names on the market!

PXG Fitting flyer imagePXG Fitting flyer image